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prerogative n : a right reserved exclusively by a particular person or group (especially a hereditary or official right); "suffrage was the prerogative of white adult males" [syn: privilege, perquisite, exclusive right]

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  1. A hereditary or official right or privilege.
  2. A right, or power that is exclusive to a monarch etc, especially such a power to make a decision or judgement.


A hereditary or official right or privilege
A right, or power that is exclusive to a monarch etc,


  1. Having such a right.


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A Prerogative is an exclusive legal right given from a government or state and invested in an individual or group, the content of which is separate from the body of rights enjoyed under the general law of the normative state. It was a common facet of Feudal law.
In modern popular culture usage, the word prerogative has come to mean the egalitarian condition of the right for anyone's own self-determination, e.g. that it is "one's prerogative" to do as they please.

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absolute power, absolutism, accomplishment, advantage, appanage, appurtenance, ascendancy, authority, authorization, birthright, claim, competence, competency, conjugal right, constituted authority, deanship, delegated authority, demand, divine right, droit, due, excellence, exemption, faculty, favor, franchise, greatness, immunity, inalienable right, incomparability, indirect authority, inherent authority, inimitability, interest, jus divinum, lawful authority, lead, legal authority, legitimacy, liberty, majority, natural right, one-upmanship, perquisite, power, precedence, predominance, predomination, preeminence, preponderance, prepotence, prepotency, prescription, prestige, presumptive right, pretense, pretension, priority, privilege, proper claim, property right, regality, right, right-of-way, rightful authority, royal prerogative, sanction, seniority, skill, success, superiority, the say, the say-so, title, transcendence, transcendency, vested authority, vested interest, vested right, vicarious authority, virtuosity
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